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Day 12: I Forgot My Bra, But I Got Pancakes

Sometimes, no matter how much planning and prep go into your day, it just doesn’t turn out as planned. I forgot my sports bra today and couldn’t get to my Olympic lifting workout. Since I had planned on viewing a duplex this evening I didn’t really have time to do a replacement workout. So I made pancakes. YES!

I had some leftover seaweed salad with raw tuna, so I ate that with carrots and almond butter and some coffee.

I had leftover dinner for lunch. Bison burger with bacon, shiitakes, roast broccolini, and fried plantains.

Remember that crock pot full of ribs I prepped last night? They were all hot and ready to go when I got home, along with some parsnips I had yetiman roast up this afternoon. Since I didn’t make it to my Oly class, I had enough extra time to make pancakes. Savory, delicious, coconut pancakes!┬áJust what I had been looking for to sop up rib drippins.

Jesus Is A Pancake. Let Him Sop You Up.

Jesus Is A Pancake. Let Him Sop You Up.

I got in my eight hours of sleep and fish oil, so daily points for that. One more workout and I get all of those points for this week, too.

The end of the week is coming. My apartment is a total disaster; I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do around here this weekend. Sometimes things just don’t happen as planned. But sometimes you get savory pancakes.