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Days 13 & 14: Mental Health Day

After a full day of working out, working, and volunteering, on Friday (Day 13) I felt like sleeping in this morning. So I did.  Then I roasted beets, started some chicken broth, and headed to brunch. The beets went in some borscht this evening. I’ve now got some nice broth and several containers of emergency borscht chillin’ in the freezer. Tomorrow I have big plans to cook three large meals and get a head start on the week. Food in the freezer means I won’t have to take another mental health day for a while.


Days 8 & 9: Butter Chicken Has No Butter. Discuss.

I’ve been a busy little bee since I got back from my brother’s place. It’s about a four hour drive, so I spent Sunday (Day 8) in pretty constant motion, running errands on my way back into town, cooking, cleaning, laundry, the usual. I don’t actually feel like typing out what I ate, but I made some halupki stir fry because it’s easy, super tasty, filling, and I can make a whole buttload of it at once.

Today (Day 9) I worked, went to Jeerleading practice, and did some gnarly Ashtanga. Good thing I had butter chicken (sub coconut milk for dairy ingredients) in the crock pot, and had yetiman make some cauliflower rice. Meal planning is essential on days like this.

Seven hours of sleep last night, but I’m about to get eight tonight. Keeping up on my fish oil so at least I don’t lose points for that. Speaking of losing points, I was sad to learn that last week’s Ashtanga fest didn’t count toward my workout points. I got in only two CrossFit workouts and three are required. I was really hoping my three yoga classes would count for one workout. Alas, my score has suffered.

I Am CrossFit Challenge 2013 – Day 1

I’m back, and stuff! And it’s already time for another paleo challenge. The I Am CrossFit Challenge with CrossFit Fort Wayne is an eight week nutrition and fitness challenge. You earn points for the following:

  • Body composition
    • Everyone will be measured and have his/her body fat percentage determined during the week prior to the challenge. We will be performing measurements of arms, hips, waist, and thighs which will be combined for a total measurement. Measurements and body fat percentage will be repeated at the end of the challenge and scored for percentage improvement.
  • Performance
    • Everyone will participate in the baseline workout prior to the challenge as a performance measurement. It will be repeated again at the end of the challenge and scored for percentage improvement.
  • Accountability
    • Every team member will begin each week with 4 points. You can earn a total of 8 points or lose all 4 for a total of 0. Points are earned for nutrition, workouts and sleep.

Nutrition is, of course, strict paleo, so that means I’ve got a NO list again. NO:

  • grains/starches (corn, soy products, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fries, etc.)
  • sugar (refined, artificial, or “natural”)
  • dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk)
  • legumes (beans, peanuts)
  • alcohol, soda, or other diet drinks

I’ll complete the baseline workout tomorrow morning. It looks like this:

500m row
40 Air squats
30 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups

I think sleep is going to be the hardest part – you’re aiming for 8 hours a night. This will be particularly tricky on the days I get up at 5 to work out at 6. . .like tomorrow. On to the food!

I didn’t actually know that the challenge started today. I was out of town for the weekend, and thought that it started on Monday. So I didn’t have any food prepared to start my day, which began with about a 3.5 hour drive from Cincinnati to Fort Wayne. Needless to say, breakfast was less than ideal, and may or may not be scored as a cheat–that’s up to my coach to decide.

I had some date-coconut balls that were stashed in my car from my drive out to Cincinnati. I ate them along with a large cup of black coffee from Sidewinder Coffee in Northside (I love this place!), and half of a kombucha. Pretty sugary breakfast. I stopped for groceries when I got home, and ate some Applegate roast turkey breast.

I actually cut my visit short so I could get home and make plenty of food today. Starting with chocolate chili, which I made with ground turkey and bison (free-range/grass-fed/organic, natch). I love this chili recipe, but it’s very…meaty. I normally put it over some roast spaghetti squash, but this time I made cauliflower rice (in coconut oil with allspice and a little cumin). It was delish. 

I also roasted up a nice chicken from Creakey Acres Farm. I sort of follow this Jamie Oliver recipe, using coconut oil and  whatever herbs and veggies I happen to have around. This time it was white onion, green onion, carrot, and fresh rosemary. I didn’t have a lemon, so I used a tangerine. Holy crud did it turn out great! I think it may have been because I was cooking two meals at once, and just let the chicken rest for a really long time, probably two hours. It was herby and moist and perfectly browned. Glorious! I also roasted up some sweet potatoes. My dinner was a nice thigh chunk and half a sweet potato with coconut butter.

I will get my fish oil and sleep points for Sunday, and hopefully all of my food points as well.

Sunday Cookup!

Sunday Cookup!