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Gettin’ Crazy With a New Year’s Eve Salad

I woke up feeling much better today. I don’t yet have the shoot-up-out-of-bed-like-a-friggin-rocket energy that I’ve read people get from their Whole 30 experience, but I definitely felt good most of the day. A bit of a headache around noon, but it actually passed, which is kind of a big deal for a migraine sufferer. Normally if we get a headache, it just gets worse until we break down and take something, so the passing headache is worth noting. A bit of bloat this afternoon, but nothing major. I had been feeling bloaty a lot before I started eating on the plan, and I’m hoping that’s something that will no longer be part of my life during the 30 and in my post-30 paleo transition.

Today I ate leftover scrambled eggs and turkey sausage, avocado, and bell peppers for breakfast, leftover bison patties and coconut-lime green beans for lunch, and a big honkin’ salad for dinner (I didn’t need to break into my emergency frozen borscht!). I’ve also had about a handful of toasty coconut, a few dried figs, a kombucha, and  half of an apple pear. Holy crud, if you don’t know what apple pears (Asian pears) are, go find one and shove it in your face; they are freakin’ boffo. And what of this toasty coconut? One of my new favorite things! Coconut chips, cinnamon, and salt. Toast them up in a pan and they come out tasting like a crunchy, popcorny treat. I want to eat them forever and ever.

When I started to read paleo blogs, I was always a little surprised by the GIANT salads people were eating. I suppose I know now why they turn out that way. . .because you just keep piling on whatever protein, good fat, and veg you’ve got sitting around to create Salad Mountain. Salad Mountain this evening started with a bed of mixed baby greens and spinach, red bell pepper, carrot, avocado, snap peas, toasted almond slices, hard boiled egg, and delicious home-made pickled asparagus from a friend (thank you, Steve!). My dressing of choice lately has been simple: organic balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil. NYE Salad Mountain was delicious, but it made me realize that I probably need to get a light or something if I’m going to keep taking pictures of my food.


3/4 of NYE Salad Mountain

Happy New Year, people of blogland! I’m holed up in my apartment in my sweats, smelling like LUSH (Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner, FTW!), about to embark on a Tom Hardy-a-thon (what? don’t judge me). Tomorrow my journey officially begins, and I’ve got some good stuff planned since I’ll be home for the day. I’m ready!


Bison and Green Beans

I haven’t officially started my Whole 30 yet, but I’ve been eating paleo for about three days now. This morning it was paleo brunch with my girl Hallie Badger (Hallie Badger don’t give a shit!). I made some turkey breakfast sausage that I found on the lovely blog Chow Bella, and scrambled up some eggs with Penzeys Mural of Flavor herb blend and some crushed red pepper. Hallie made some awesome paleo tomato bisque, which I will definitely be making again. Coconut milk for the win!

This evening I made coconut-almond green beans from Well Fed. If you’re cooking paleo and you don’t have this cook book, you should. I’ve got a bunch of recipes planned from this one. With the remnants of the coconut milk and spices in the pan, I cooked some ground bison patties from Bison World in Noblesville, IN, with Penzeys Bangkok Blend spice. The mix of Thai spices went nicely with the green beans. Since I’m avoiding condiments, an avocado slice accompanied the bison into my facehole, and I cut up a carrot for good measure and pretty colors in my guts. Both my facehole and guts were very happy with this meal.

Grass fed bison patty and almond-coconut green beans

Grass fed bison patty and almond-coconut green beans