Day 6: Spreading the Paleo Love

I spent today working from my brother’s house, attempting some gnarly Ashtanga yoga in a different studio, and spreading paleo love to his household.

My first meal was a little stunted. Scrambled eggs, a couple of dates, and a cup of black coffee.

This meal was frankly disappointing. I ordered a salad that came with potatoes, which I obviously had them leave off. Unfortunately, they didn’t go ahead and fill in the rest of the salad with more greens to fill in for the potatoes. Greens, asparagus, bacon, and poached egg, with vinegar and oil. I was still hungry when I was done, so I got some carrots and almond butter, some smoked turkey, a date coconut roll, and a kombucha. Weird snack, I know.

Another paleo feast! Balsamic ribs, roast beets with orange and fennel, and collard greens with garlic and crushed red pepper sauteed in coconut oil and a little veggie broth. My brother liked the meal so much that he made nummy sounds the whole time and I almost had to punch him in the throat. I’m glad he enjoyed it, though.

This evening I completed my first ever Ashtanga practice incorporating some of the intermediate series. Holy crud was it hard. Also hard: getting eight hours of sleep per night. This morning I woke up right at seven hours without an alarm. I did take my fish oil, but I continue to lose points on the challenge for sleep. 


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