Day 5: Autotune Your Meats

Today was another travel day. A mere four hours in the car and now I’m sitting on my brother’s couch autotuning our voices with his very important apps. . .getting ready to rub down a rack of ribs to put in the crock pot for dinner tomorrow. That’s right, I travel with meat now. I had to pack and plan to make this happen.

On my way out the door this morning, I ate a Kit’s Organic Bar, which is a kind of Larabar knockoff by Clif Bars. I need to stop relying on sugary bars (although they are totally compliant. . . no added sugar, just smashed up dates), but I was way hungry when I woke up. When I got to the office, I had hard boiled eggs with hot sauce and smashed up avocado. My fermented food for the day was curtido – Colombian fermented cabbage and carrots with spices.

In separate little containers, I packed up my spicy beef, salad, and sunshine sauce from last night to relive the glory at lunch along with a kombucha and a Larabar. I’ve mentioned this before on my blog, but packing paleo means you’ll never use a little cutesy lunchbox again. I have a giant-ass bag I pack my breakfast and lunch in.

My driving dinner consisted of turkey sammies on collard greens with green onion and avocado. I also had some freeze dried fruit, pistachios, and a kombucha.

So I’m all nestled in at my brother’s place, where I’ll be working tomorrow, and making sure he and his wife have a nice paleo feast to return home from work to!


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