Day 3: The Hanger

Pretty normal Paleo Tifferz day today, except for all the hanger. Not sure what that’s all about, but I managed to work, eat, workout, and soon I will make sweet, sweet sleepies.

Two hard boiled eggs with hot sauce and home made mayo, some snap peas, a tangerine, some coffee with coconut milk got in my belly.

Lunch was leftover roast chicken, half a sweet potato and an apple. I also made an unfortunate snack decision and ended up eating like four sweet potato chips (I know, I know, too many sweet potatoes today…but I was really, really hungry for whatever reason), that had dextrin as a sneaky ingredient. This is apparently made from corn and/or potato and is therefore not gluten-free. Dumb mistake. I threw the rest of the chippies away. Goodbye, sweet chippies.

I had one of my staple easy dinners tonight. Baked salmon (Alaskan, wild-caught, of course) with dill, shallot, and ghee. I also scarfed down another half of a sweet potato and had a lovely hibiscus kombucha.

Like I said, inexplicable hunger today. My paleo meals generally keep me satiated, I don’t have to snack much (unless I know I’m going to go do something crazy at CrossFit), and my energy is sustained throughout the day. Today I was not only hungry, but had a bit of an energy slump during my Olympic lifting class this evening. I was sleepy and hungry by the time I got home.

I know I’m probably screwing it all up, but I’m pretty sure our Oly WOD went something like this:

Power snatch – push press – overhead squat:
70% (35lbs) (3x3x3) 2
75% (45lbs)  (3x3x3) 4

Power clean – push jerk:
75% (45lbs) 2(1+1)
80% (65lbs) 2(1+1) x 4

Snatch pull:
100% (65lbs) 3×3
105% (75lbs) 3×4

I took my fish oil and managed to get to bed early last night and get in my eight hours of sleep. Sorry if you’re not well-versed on reading workout jargon, but I’ll have to leave that explanation for another time. Right now I need to catch the first train to sleepytown.


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