Day 2: Banishing My Inner Walrus

I started my day the same way I will end it: working out. I got up bright and early (actually dark and early) to do the 6AM WOD. Andrew is into programming two-part workouts, which I really like because you’re always doing something new/different throughout the week. I had to complete my IAC Challenge baseline workout, so my WOD went like this:

3 sets:
DB Presses, 6-8 reps @ 30X0
Rest 30 sec.
25 Leg raises @ 31X0
Rest 30 sec.

500m row
40 Air squats
30 Ab-at sit-ups
20 Push-ups
10 Pull-ups

Time: 6:54

I’ll do the baseline workout again to see how my time improves at the end of the challenge. On to the food.

I’ve got some romaine that’s starting to look sad, so I ate two hard boiled eggs on romaine with some home made mayo and salt and pepper and some dill garlic sauerkrat from Wildbrine. When I started my paleo quest in January, I found myself with some gut crampage after eating raw veggies, so I figured my guts could use a little help. I try to eat one fermented food and drink one kombucha a day. Seems to work well, and I like sauerkraut so well that my boyfriend (aka yetiman) calls me a Kraut Warrior. I think that sounds racist.

Lunch was leftover chocolate chili with cauliflower rice. I was still hungry a couple hours later, so I also ate a coconut Larabar. I had some tea with coconut milk in it as well.

More leftovers (food prep Sundays are magical) for lunch. Roast chicken and sweet potato.

I’ve got Jeerleader practice (we’re the not-so-fancy cheerleaders for the Fort Wayne Derby Girls) tonight, so I’ll enjoy my kombucha then. After practice is my Asthanga yoga class. We focus on the primary series. If you’re following my  journey at all, go ahead and click on that link. I’m not claiming I do any of that shit well, but I try. Note that between most poses, we complete a vinyasa, which is a series of poses that requires us to get up off of our asses, swing around to downward facing dog, and then “float” back down the the floor. Floating is one of those things I can’t do. I kind of flop like a walrus.

Speaking of walrus, I found out my body fat percentage today. 5′ 6″, 180 pounds, 29% body fat. I’m writing that down only for my own documentation purposes. Hopefully I’ll have something to celebrate at the end of this challenge by making some changes to those numbers, and banish my inner walrus.

I didn’t get to bed as early as planned last night, and got up for the early WOD, so I only managed 7 hours of sleep. I did take my fish oil, so I should only be down one point for the day.


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