I Am CrossFit Challenge 2013 – Day 1

I’m back, and stuff! And it’s already time for another paleo challenge. The I Am CrossFit Challenge with CrossFit Fort Wayne is an eight week nutrition and fitness challenge. You earn points for the following:

  • Body composition
    • Everyone will be measured and have his/her body fat percentage determined during the week prior to the challenge. We will be performing measurements of arms, hips, waist, and thighs which will be combined for a total measurement. Measurements and body fat percentage will be repeated at the end of the challenge and scored for percentage improvement.
  • Performance
    • Everyone will participate in the baseline workout prior to the challenge as a performance measurement. It will be repeated again at the end of the challenge and scored for percentage improvement.
  • Accountability
    • Every team member will begin each week with 4 points. You can earn a total of 8 points or lose all 4 for a total of 0. Points are earned for nutrition, workouts and sleep.

Nutrition is, of course, strict paleo, so that means I’ve got a NO list again. NO:

  • grains/starches (corn, soy products, bread, pasta, rice, potatoes, fries, etc.)
  • sugar (refined, artificial, or “natural”)
  • dairy (cheese, yogurt, milk)
  • legumes (beans, peanuts)
  • alcohol, soda, or other diet drinks

I’ll complete the baseline workout tomorrow morning. It looks like this:

500m row
40 Air squats
30 Ab-Mat Sit-Ups
20 Push-Ups
10 Pull-Ups

I think sleep is going to be the hardest part – you’re aiming for 8 hours a night. This will be particularly tricky on the days I get up at 5 to work out at 6. . .like tomorrow. On to the food!

I didn’t actually know that the challenge started today. I was out of town for the weekend, and thought that it started on Monday. So I didn’t have any food prepared to start my day, which began with about a 3.5 hour drive from Cincinnati to Fort Wayne. Needless to say, breakfast was less than ideal, and may or may not be scored as a cheat–that’s up to my coach to decide.

I had some date-coconut balls that were stashed in my car from my drive out to Cincinnati. I ate them along with a large cup of black coffee from Sidewinder Coffee in Northside (I love this place!), and half of a kombucha. Pretty sugary breakfast. I stopped for groceries when I got home, and ate some Applegate roast turkey breast.

I actually cut my visit short so I could get home and make plenty of food today. Starting with chocolate chili, which I made with ground turkey and bison (free-range/grass-fed/organic, natch). I love this chili recipe, but it’s very…meaty. I normally put it over some roast spaghetti squash, but this time I made cauliflower rice (in coconut oil with allspice and a little cumin). It was delish. 

I also roasted up a nice chicken from Creakey Acres Farm. I sort of follow this Jamie Oliver recipe, using coconut oil and  whatever herbs and veggies I happen to have around. This time it was white onion, green onion, carrot, and fresh rosemary. I didn’t have a lemon, so I used a tangerine. Holy crud did it turn out great! I think it may have been because I was cooking two meals at once, and just let the chicken rest for a really long time, probably two hours. It was herby and moist and perfectly browned. Glorious! I also roasted up some sweet potatoes. My dinner was a nice thigh chunk and half a sweet potato with coconut butter.

I will get my fish oil and sleep points for Sunday, and hopefully all of my food points as well.

Sunday Cookup!

Sunday Cookup!


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