Day 31: Dairy Makes Me Sneeze?

I can’t lie, I’ve been cheating on the “don’t step on the scale” thing since I started my 30. It had been a few days, and it turns out I’m down 12 pounds and about 1 inch off of my waist and hips. I even managed to put a belt on today.

Today was also dairy reintroduction day. I ate borscht for breakfast, along with a cup of Chobani yogurt. I didn’t notice much except that I sneezed a few times. But since I’ve also got a cold, I didn’t think too much of it. I ate a snack before lunch of an apple and some cheese. Again, I felt kind of snotty/sneezy, but I had been feeling that way for a few days anyway. For lunch I ate a bison patty, cauli rice, and collard greens, and noticed that I was getting gassy.

I was supposed to eat some ice cream with my dinner. I found a wee container of mint chocolate chip Edy’s (5.8 oz). It’s super cold here, so I just left it in my car all day and figured it would be fine. It melted, and I did not care. I got home from work and sucked down that ice cream. Then I took a nap (I’m still sick!). I woke up a bit bloaty and snotty, but for the most part, dairy wasn’t a huge problem. I had some balsamic braised ribs from Practical Paleo for dinner, along with some roast carrots and apple ginger sauerkraut –one of my new favorite things!

I’m back on the plan for a few days while I see what else happens (breakouts, etc.) before I move to my next reintroduction: grains with gluten.


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