Day 30: It’s Oveeerr!

Well. Almost. Next up is food reintroduction, and I know you want to read all about my bloat. Since I’m sick, I’m not exactly going out with a bang, although I did manage to make a nice dinner. Before I get into what I ate on my official 30th day (35 for anybody keeping track), let’s review what I have not eaten for the past month:

  • No grains
  • No dairy
  • No soy
  • No added sugar or sweeteners
  • No booze
  • No sulfites, carrageenan or MSG (preservatives)
  • No white potatoes

In case you weren’t paying attention, what have I been eating?

  • Animal protein from sustainable, ethical (and almost entirely local) sources
  • Organic, non-GMO (and, when possible, local) veggies of all shapes and sizes – 2-3 cups per meal
  • Limited amounts of fruit – 1-2 pieces per day (see slaying the friggin’ sugar dragon. . . I’m trying to run on fat instead of sugar over here)
  • Good fats such as avocado, ghee, certain tree nuts, and pretty much anything that comes out of a coconut
  • Fermented foods such as kombucha and sauerkraut (also found a local source for that)

And aside from the fact that I have  cold, I feel great. Preparing my food each day really forced me to get a lot done in a day, and because I have sustained energy throughout the day, I have been able to do that. In fact, even though I was sickly last night, I sat down and did my taxes because I felt like a freaking lout sitting around.

What did I eat on day 30? A lot of bone broth and tea because I’m sick. Since I stayed home, I made some eggs with kale and ate them with some sauerkraut for breakfast. I also sucked down some bone broth and ate some toasty coconut. I wasn’t very hungry for lunch, but I had a small piece of roast chicken and some carrots and snap peas with mayo dip, plus more tea and bone broth.

For dinner, I made some bison patties, collard greens with spicy Thai chiles and shallots, cauliflower rice with curry powder, dried apricots, and toasted pecans, and mushrooms. I cooked everything in buttery delicious ghee. A mini feast!


The Last Supper

So that’s it. Tomorrow I’ll check out my weight and measurements and see what kind of progress I made on that front. Even though this past month has been crazy with cooking and cleaning, I really think the hard part comes next. I won’t be following any plan, and will have to fight to keep sugar from becoming part of my daily routine again. Once I’m eating a regular paleo diet, I can come back and do another Whole 30 whenever I need to clean up my act, but I hope I don’t have that much cleaning up to do. I’d like to keep my momentum and stay in “gettin’ shit done” mode. It’s the only way I’ll lose some weight. And really, 30 days isn’t long enough to tell if some of my inflammatory problems are going to clear up eating paleo, so I need to keep it up. This is the end of my 30, but the beginning of what my diet and lifestyle will look like in the future.






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