Days 28 and 29: Gettin’ Sickly

So I’m feeling pretty great. Sustained energy throughout the day, and getting all kinds of shit done. Then I wake up yesterday (Day 28) with a clogged left nostril. Aaand today I’m getting sick. I’ve got asthma, so getting sick is always an adventure. I’m not super wheezy yet, but it’s starting. Right now I’m sneezy/snotty and the inside of my face itches. Yesterday I ate leftovers, and I’m going on day four or so of borcht, so it’s a red poop week. Bonus.

Today started with leftovers as well, but I sprung for Chipotle for lunch. Once I got home from work, I started sucking down bone broth (thanks, Hallie Badger!) and ate some clementines. The broth sure did make my face feel better whilst I was drinking it. I baked a piece of salmon with some shallots, dill, and ghee for dinner. Then I plopped it on top of some baby kale with balsamic vinegar and olive oil.


Salmon on Baby Kale

I swear I read somewhere that coconut milk is good for you when your’e getting sick. So I cut up some apples and dates, sprinkled on some toasty coconut, and dumped coconut milk on top of it.


Apple and Coconut Milk Treat

If my reasoning was wrong, I don’t want to be right, because it was a damn fine treat. And now my sickface needs to get some sleep. Day 30 is tomorrow, and I’ll begin my food reintroduction on 1/31. Hopefully I’ll be done being sick before I get my food reintroduction bloat on.



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