Day 26 and 27: Beets, Borscht, and Busy

I did, like, a bunch of crap Saturday (day 26). I got up and did an hour of yoga, then went to CrossFit to tackle Friday’s WOD during open gym. I got home, ate, ran errands, cooked up a paleo feast, then went to a movie. 

Nobody cares about my breakfast or lunch, because dinner was glorious. Damn fine chicken, steak salad, beets sauteed in orange juice, and collard greens sauteed in coconut oil, bone broth, garlic, and crushed red pepper. Hallie Badger contributed cocoa toasted cauliflower and some nutty balls. It was all so colorful and tasty!


Paleo Feast!

Today (day 27) was just as busy as yesterday. Making out my food and grocery plan, getting groceries and running errands, cooking, dishes, cleaning, and laundry. I really did all of those things. That’s why I’m sitting in bed at 9.

I ate some leftover steak salad, sauerkraut, and cocoa toasted cauliflower for breakfast. After errands, I whipped up a big batch of borscht for lunch/dinner, and used up the rest of the cabbage by also making a half batch of halupki stir fry with ground turkey.


Borscht and Halupki Stir Fry

My borscht is so good! And I’ll be eating it for the rest of the week, so I’ll leave you with a photo.



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