Day 25: Skrumps

I am coming to you live from my new Lenovo Yoga! I feel so fancy. . . with some first-world guilt, of course. My Sony Vaio served me well, but after six years of abuse, I have moved on to this little orange beauty.

Today is actually my 30th day eating on the plan, but now is no time to celebrate. I have to get through the end of January, plus two weeks of food reintroductions, where I add one category of eliminated food (dairy, gluten-free grains, grains with gluten, and legumes) back in for a day, then eat on the plan for a couple more while I see what happens. SCIENCE.

Today I had leftover bison and sauerkraut for breakfast, along with some tea with coconut milk. I had some salmon and roast Brussels sprouts for lunch. For dinner, I made a Paleo Pot recipe: shrimp curry, with some cauliflower rice pilaf. It was very tasty, but I continue to suspect that I am having issues with bell peppers, as I was quite gassy about an hour after I ate. No gut cramps, though, that treat must just be for raw peppers. My guts seem to be much happier in general since I’ve worked in at least one serving of fermented food plus one kombucha per day. Let’s hear it for bacteria! Maybe I’ll get a parasite next.

Tomorrow is normally Paleo Brunch, but we’re making dinner instead so we can head out to see a roller derby movie with the Fort Wayne Derby Girls. Dinner will be well-deserved after I conquer hot yoga, then a CrossFit WOD during open gym. No rest for the hungry.

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