Days 19 and 20: Stupid Larabars!

Yesterday (Day 19) was full of cooking, cleaning, and jeering for the Fort Wayne Derby Girls. It was sort of an off day as far as food, because I really only managed two complete meals. For breakfast, I cooked up some eggs with sausage and greens and ate it with some sauerkraut. Hallie Badger and I convened for late lunch/early dinner/linner of damn fine chicken, cocoa toasted cauliflower, and some mango and berries with whipped coconut cream.





At the derby bout, I successfully avoided drinking any cold, delicious beer. We packed some paleo snacks, and I had a Larabar and an apple to keep me through the evening. A kombucha was my beer replacement. Mmm. . . fermenty.

And now I need to make a confession about my very first cheat. I didn’t mean to. I was selling raffle tickets at the derby bout, and a friend of mine threw a piece of popcorn at me. It went right down my shirt. Without thinking, I did would I would normally do, and just picked it out and threw it in my mouth. I immediately told Hallie Badger, and she laughed at me and told me I had to start my 30 over. But I’m not starting over. Not for an accidental piece of popcorn. I’m just going to admit that it happened, and that I always eat food that gets thrown into my cleavage (it happens more often than is probably normal). I should also take a second to admit now that I like Larabars more than I should and I need to stay away from them. I’m feeling angst over both of those things. Especially because I went ahead and ate two Larabars today. They are bad news and should only be emergency food.

Sundays (Day 20) are for making a bunch of food. I ate some leftover damn fine chicken and sauerkraut for breakfast, And roasted up a chicken for lunch (while eating a freaking Larabar), cutting it all up for myself for the first time. I made some Turkish chopped salad from Well Fed and roasted a sweet potato with some coconut butter.


Roast Chicken and Turkish Chopped Salad


Sweet Potato with Coconut Butter

I made a big pot of grub for dinner. One of yetiman’s favorite things to eat are halupkis (cabbage rolls). They’re tasty, but time consuming, so I used this recipe for halupki stir fry. I used half beef and half bison for the meat. And I didn’t have any tomato sauce, so I added a can of tomato juice and a can of tomato paste. Close enough! Around 8 I decided it was Larabar time because I was feeling peckish, and it was coconut and I hadn’t officially eaten any fat with my dinner. Not exactly sound reasoning.


Halupki Stir Fry

I’ve got lots of good food stocked up for the week. Now, if I can just keep people from throwing popcorn in my cleavage and stay away from these Larabars that I got because they were on sale, I’ll be ready for a good week.

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