Day 18: Ready to Jeer

I didn’t have much time to cook today because I was running errands in preparation for a derby bout. Imma be a Jeerleader! So I needed some sparkly shoes and stuff.

Since I’m trying to incorporate more fermented food in my diet, I had some chicken sausage and sauerkraut for breakfast, along with an apple and a coconut Larabar. Interesting combo. I had leftover steak salad and coconut almond green beans and a kombucha for lunch. My guts made a bunch of gurgling noises, but I didn’t get the random afternoon cramping I’ve had lately. I had the last of the chocolate chili and spaghetti squash for dinner. Then I crammed a few spoons of coconut butter in my face.

So I’ve got some kind of tutu thing and I’m all geared up for the Fort Wayne Derby Girls’ first home bout of the season. Hallie Badger and I convene tomorrow for paleo brunch, and we’re packing paleo snax for the bout. It’s going to be really hard for me to avoid beer. . . I can’t lie, it sounds so cold and delicious, but I gotta keep my eye on the prize. And some beef jerky.


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