Days 16 and 17: Winning

I had a bunch of crap to do yesterday, and I know everyone’s been dying to hear about my meatsa from Well Fed. In case you haven’t figured out what a meatsa is, it’s ground meat pressed into a pan like pizza dough with whatever toppings your heart desires. I finally got to make it yesterday (day 16), and it was delightful. Nobody cares about my breakfast or lunch, but I did face a break room obstacle  yesterday at lunch: a rather delicious-looking brownie. I gave it the finger. Back to my dinner meatsa. I used pork with Chinese five spice, shallots, and Thai hot chiles for the meat. Then I used sunshine sauce, roast red pepper, broccoli, carrot, and green onion for toppings. I roasted up some turnips and parsnips. I don’t feel as strongly about turnips as I do about beets, but they are a another root veggie that deserves a chance.


Behold! Meatsa!

Today I had some butternut/turkey/apple chili that I busted out of the freezer for breakfast, some tuna salad with carrots and cucumber for lunch, an emergency post-workout Larabar, and a glorious dinner of Louly’s steak salad and coconut-almond green beans. Spicy perfection!


Steak Salad and Coconut-Almond Green Beans

Can I talk about my poop for a second? Of course I can. Here’s the straight poop on my poop: it looks like friggin’ sawdust. It’s massive, and it instantly falls apart. I know my body is still getting used to my complete diet overhaul, but I was’t really expecting to have gut issues through this process. It would seem that I’m not absorbing as much of my food as I could be, so I’m going to increase my fermented food intake and give some digestive enzymes a try. Not so much because of the sawdust poop, but because I’ve also been getting stomach/gut cramps right after I eat sometimes, and I haven’t been able to pinpoint if there is a certain food that does it.

There you go. If you read a Whole 30-related blog, you’re bound to run across a poop post, so I will keep you posted on my poop. On the energy front, I’m doing pretty well. I’ll have an occasional crash, but mostly during workouts. Still getting used to running on fats instead of sugar. I’m sleeping great, and I’ve noticed that it’s even better if I take my magnesium supplement (which I’ve been taking for years for my migraines anyway) before bed.

On the personal front, I got in an asthtanga yoga practice tonight complete with a head stand with my feet away from the wall, and Olympic lifting class where my clean and jerks felt pretty spiffy, and then of course a fab steak salad dinner. I’m calling today a win!

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