Day 14: Sea Cucumber Pose

My brother told me that my last two blogs were boring and that I needed to write about something more interesting. Today I traded meat with a friend in a parking lot, managed to avoid the woman who always smells like farts in yoga, and got my nom nom paleo tee shirt. Pretty much the high points of my day. I also slept like a friggin’ sea cucumber last night (really well for those unfamiliar with the sea cucumber and its lazy ways) and felt good all day, but I wasn’t doing backflips or eviscerating my intestines out of my anus or anything. I guess that would have been more exciting. Maybe not the whole eviscerating thing, but sea cucumbers are cool, so don’t hate.

I ate leftovers today. Scrambled eggs with spinach and spaghetti squash with ghee for breakfast, chocolate chili and sweet potato with coconut butter for lunch, and ginger lime shrimp and cauliflower rice for dinner. I also snacked on some tuna salad with pickled asparagus and snap peas when I got home from yoga, where I actually managed to get into a head stand and remove my foot from the wall. No big deal.

How about a picture of me doing a shitty self portrait in my living room in my new nom nom paleo shirt? Sure, why not? I look pretty excited.


I’m Never Thinking About the Task at Hand Either. . . Only Bacon

Some days just aren’t exciting, broski, but I bet the “meatsa” I’m making tomorrow will be. Yetiman says “what’s the crust made out of?” Uh. MEAT! Stay tuned for tomorrow’s biology lesson and me shoving sunshine sauce in my face.

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