Day 11 & 12: Plan, Shop, Prep, Cook, Clean, Lather, Rinse, Repeat

Since I neglected to post yesterday, I thought I’d write up a really long and boring post about how I do my planning and prep for a Whole 30 week. Yes, it’s time consuming. Yes, I spend a lot of time cooking, cleaning, etc. (see blog title). But part of the reason I’m doing this is that I think that staying on a regular paleo regimen after all of this will be easy in comparison (oh, sweet biscuit Jezus, somebody in blogland please confirm that). And, who knows, maybe if I decide to do the 30 again, it will all be easier next time–especially since I blogged about it in gory detail.

Anyway, my Whole 30 weekly planning begins on the weekend. Usually Sunday, but today it was Saturday. I open my fancy Google Docs spreadsheet, and begin to look through recipes, then I plot out my meals for the week. Google Drive is great, by the way. I can access my docs from any of my various devices, which means my phone whilst shopping. On days I know I will be busy in the evening with CrossFit or yoga, I plan a simpler meal, or plan some prep in with the night before. I also try to plan some meal prep on Sundays.


Food Schedule, Click to View

Next, I sit down and make my grocery list, which is on another tab in my spreadsheet. I also like to keep track of what I’ve got in my fridge and freezer from week to week, and a quick list to reference what I’m cooking and what I’m prepping on Sunday. Since I order a lot of my food through Green BEAN Delivery, I also compile my order while I’m planning meals and making out my grocery list. I’m a dirty hippy, so I like to look through GB’s available produce for the week and see what’s local, then I can base some meals around what I can get locally. Since it’s winter in the Midwest, there aren’t a lot of local produce options at the moment, mostly just greens and herbs. I can also order a lot of my meat through GB. What I can’t get in my order, I put on my list for the 3 Rivers Co-Op, and every couple of weeks I plan a trip to Seven Sons Farms (I’m so lucky this place is close).


Groceries List, Click to View

So there you go. The Whole 30 really is possible with the help of some planning each week. If you’re more OCD than me, you could even plan multiple weeks in advance. On to what I’ve been eating whilst I slacked on Ye Olde Blog.

Friday (day 11) was a leftovers and easy freezer food kind of day. Tuna salad, bell pepper, and snap peas for breakfast, balsamic braised ribs, roast Brussels sprouts and candied carrots for lunch. I thawed some spaghetti sauce with bison and portabellas, and roasted a spaghetti squash for dinner. I also made a salad with mixed baby greens, carrot, red onion, snap peas, avocado, and egg with balsamic vinegar and oil.


Spaghetti and Salad

Saturday is paleo brunch day with Hallie Badger. This week she cooked up some bora bora meatballs and berries with whipped coconut cream from Well Fed, and I contributed roast parsnips and creamy cucumber salad. Paleo brunch Saturdays are my favorite because we get to sit around and talk about how our week went, I only have to make a couple of things, and I end up with some leftovers in my fridge. Sharing is caring!


Paleo Brunch!

And now, it’s time to clean up my kitchen, so I can get up in the morning and begin the prep-clean-cook cycle anew.




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