Day 10: Turkish Get Ups and Ribs

Tonight I performed one of my very favorite CrossFit stupid human tricks: the Turkish get up.  Also an Olympic weightlifting class full of snatches, cleans and jerks, and squats. And some burpees, wall ball shots, and push presses. Point is: I was hungry when I got home, and I could smell the crock pot o ribs simmering away from outside of my apartment.

But first, breakfast. Tuna salad with home made mayo, home made spicy pickled green beans (lovingly grown by my Dad and pickled by my mom), and some cayenne, with a bell pepper and snap peas. Lunch was leftover roast chicken and Brussels sprouts with butternut squash and an orange. I also had an apple with almond butter before my workout.


Breakfast and Lunch

For dinner was RIB SUCCESS. Balsamic braised ribs and candied carrots from Practical Paleo, and some roast Brussels sprouts with balsamic. I mostly followed the recipe for the ribs. . . kind of. I used pork ribs instead of beef, and didn’t exactly follow measurements or all instructions for the rub. I also didn’t sear them before putting them in the crock pot; I just let them hang out in the fridge with the rub all night instead because I do what I want. They were fucking boffo. Next time I’ll make more carrots because I didn’t have very many to put in my lunch for tomorrow. I’d also like to mention that I prepped all of this last night and yetiman had it ready for me tonight after my TGU/burpee -fest. Coming home to food rules.


Balsamic Braised Ribs, Candied Carrots, and Roast Brussels Sprouts

I’ve been in an inexplicably bad mood for the past two days. That was until I worked out tonight with a lady named Roxanne. She’s been through a lot and she just keeps right on going. She reminds me a lot of my Mom, and always laughs at my stupid jokes (just like Momma). Everybody needs a little Roxanne and some ribs in their life to perk them back up!




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