Day 7: Not Very Exciting

Today was a leftovers day since I thought I had an asthtanga yoga seminar starting tonight, but I totally biffed on the date and ended up getting no exercise. I also got a migraine in the middle of the day, but I managed to get it to go away.

For breakfast, I made myself some tuna salad with home made mayo, shallots, and some cayenne pepper. A red bell pepper and some snap peas ushered it into my face in a glorious fashion. Lunch was leftover cauliflower rice pilaf and butter chicken, and dinner was leftover roast chicken and Brussels sprouts and butternut squash.

Not a particularly exciting day, especially because I was kind of in a shitty mood. I’ve been eating on the plan for 12 days now, and am still waiting for the boundless energy and clear skin thing to happen for me. I guess that, like my brain and trying to remember dates for my yoga class, my body is just a little slow to catch on.


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