Day 5: Paleo Brunch!

Saturdays are for paleo brunching with my partner in Whole 30 crime, Hallie Badger. I am so grateful that I have a friend that is not only supportive, but decided to endure this adventure along with me. We swap important info daily (poop, sleep, and energy reports, recipes, bitchin’, general tomfoolery), and on Saturday we convene to share food.

Paleo brunch this week was date and shallot rosemary chicken from PaleOMG. With Hallie’s special balsamic from Italy, the chicken really was OMG. I contributed coconut almond green beans and our very first paleo treat since we started this Whole 30 business, some whipped coconut cream on mango and kiwi. We’re both trying to avoid using fruit as a dessert/sweet replacement, so the treat tasted extra good.


Date Chicken and Coconut Green Beans


Mango and Kiwi with Whipped Coconut Cream

As I looked down at the three beverages I was drinking during brunch (black coffee, water, ginger kombucha), Hallie reminded me that I wasn’t supposed to drink during meals. Digestive enzymes and all of that (read It Starts With Food if you’re really interested). I don’t know what my deal is with drinks, I just normally have more than one sitting around. Since I do tend to have reflux/GERD issues as an asthmatic, I took her advice to heart. I’m starting to only sip on water while I drink. This is hard for me, especially since I’ve been extra thirsty lately.

Paleo brunch was so good that I actually ate the same thing for all three meals today (minus the fruit and whipped coconut cream. I saved the rest of that for next breakfast. If I let myself have too many treats, I’ll want them all the time, and that’s one of the bad habits I’m trying to break.

I also made my first outing today where I had to encounter a bunch of food I couldn’t eat. For somebody with typically very low self control, I knew it would be hard. I packed up some toasty coconut and a hibiscus kombucha, and headed out with yetiman. I asked him a lot of questions about the food on his plate, and he kind of tried to hide it from me, then apologized while he ate  an incredible looking cupcake. I stayed strong, but grabbed two pieces of honeydew melon for my facehole. Hallie Badger served as my emergency response system and tactfully reminded me that if I slipped up, I’d have to admit it on my blog, and Melissa Joulwan (from Well Fed and, my newest hero/future wife) would “reject [me] as a big fat pussy that didn’t get past day 10.” I’ve been eating on the plan for 10 days now! I love my friends.

I guess today will be a double-blog day, so stay tuned to find out about how crappily I slept on this night.

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