Day 3: I’ve Got the Slows

I’m probably the least athletic person you’ll ever see attempting to do CrossFit; even on a good day, I’m slow. Today I felt both physically and mentally slow. For example, it took me a disturbing amount of time to figure out if I had adjusted the pegs correctly on the rack to hold my bar for overhead squats in Olympic lifting class. And the rest of the class? Crap. I feel like crap, and my brain and body are moving like crap. I was going to stay for a regular class, but decided I would be worthless.

I ate leftovers for all three meals today. Meat muffins, snap peas, and toasty coconut for breakfast, jalapeno brats, roasted broccoli, and a small tangerine for lunch, a small apple and about a tablespoon of almond butter for a pre-workout snack, and a very small dinner. I just wasn’t hungry. Half of a meat muffin, a brat, about a cup of tomato bisque, and a handful of snap peas.


Breakfast and Lunch

I’m having a ginger kombucha now because I hoped it would help with the reflux and general gut ickyness I’ve had today. Did I mention I feel like crap? It felt good to talk to some folks who have been through the 30 at the gym (er, box. . .try to be a CrossFitter, Tifferz). They all reported feeling similar to me when they first did it. I’m really looking forward to feeling great on the other side of this. I’m also looking forward to hopping into bed in a few minutes with the magical skull and crossbone sheets my Mom got me for Xmas.

Tomorrow, I’ll tell you all about how mad I am at the fools at who only sent my half of my giant food container order.



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