Day 2: I’m Going to Die

I’ve had a migraine on and off all day, so forgive my surliness. May this post also serve as a reminder of how hard it’s been on my head to slay this friggin’ sugar dragon*, as they like to say in It Starts With Food

Today’s meals started with some prep and packing yesterday. You know all of those cute lunch containers that are divided and those cute bags they fit into with an ice pack? If you’re pondering  a Whole 30 or going paleo, forget that cutesy crap. This is what packing for work looks like when you’re eating 2-3 cups of veg per meal:


Breakfast and Lunch

Breakfast was a couple of leftover meat muffins, some bell pepper and carrot, some pistachios, and black coffee. I’d like to note that I’m not exactly following the plan by eating at my desk, but rest assured I savored my food when I got to work at 7 AM. I had some toasty coconut and two dried figs at 9, and drank a kombucha around 10 so I could hold out until noon on lunch.


Meat Muffins: Nutritious and Delicious for Breakfast

For lunch, I had leftover butternut chili and a salad with mixed greens, snap peas, carrot, bell pepper, balsamic vinegar, and olive oil. I probably ate 3/4 of my greens because the rest were soggy and pissed me off. Adding to my general surliness: one disappointing orange, which I went through all the trouble to peel, and tasted like total crap. Boo on you, disappointing orange.

Lunch, Complete With My Daily Serving of Gross Orange

I came home from work and put away my box-o-produce from Green BEAN Delivery, and prepped some broccoli for dinner. Then I stomped off to heated vinyasa yoga with a migraine and got my Om on. Post-yoga dinner was roasted broccoli with balsamic vinegar, jalapeno brats (pastured, organic pork from Seven Sons Farms!), an apple, and some toasty coconut.


A Colorful Dinner (With Bad Lighting)

One note about my migraines (mostly for my own reference in case I do this again): I did get my Depo-Provera shot last week, and sometimes I get a couple of migraines at the end of my shot cycle or just after a shot. But either way, friggin’ sugar dragon or Depo shot, I’m really ready to not have a migraine tomorrow. I’d also like to note for my own reference that I pooped an awful lot yesterday. Sorry I forgot to mention that. . .also sorry that you had to read about it, but I’m documenting this for SCIENCE.

That’s all for today. Keep on poopin’, blogland.

*Okay, so that’s not exactly what they say, but I warned you I was full of migrainous surlitude.


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