My Brain Hates Me

I’ve been eating on the Whole 30 plan for four days now, and today my brain hates me. Presumably because my body is all “hey, give me some carbs and sugar and shit!” And I’m all “no, I do what I want!” And my body is all “fine, deal with THIS, fatty!” Enter my long-time nemesis, migraine. I had to break down and follow my typical migraine protocol: Imitrex, a long bath, and next, going to bed early. Hopefully the little bastard will be gone tomorrow, but as all migraine sufferers know, it might just tag along for another day or two.

Today I ate leftover paleo brunch from yesterday for breakfast, leftover coconut-lime green beans and bison for lunch, and a big honkin’ salad with some egg and one bison patty for dinner. I was going to prep one of my very favorite winter foods (butternut squash turkey chili!) to put in the crock pot in the morning, but I feel too shitty to chop and brown turkey. Good thing I’ve got some frozen borscht to eat and to write about tomorrow.


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