Bison and Green Beans

I haven’t officially started my Whole 30 yet, but I’ve been eating paleo for about three days now. This morning it was paleo brunch with my girl Hallie Badger (Hallie Badger don’t give a shit!). I made some turkey breakfast sausage that I found on the lovely blog Chow Bella, and scrambled up some eggs with Penzeys Mural of Flavor herb blend and some crushed red pepper. Hallie made some awesome paleo tomato bisque, which I will definitely be making again. Coconut milk for the win!

This evening I made coconut-almond green beans from Well Fed. If you’re cooking paleo and you don’t have this cook book, you should. I’ve got a bunch of recipes planned from this one. With the remnants of the coconut milk and spices in the pan, I cooked some ground bison patties from Bison World in Noblesville, IN, with Penzeys Bangkok Blend spice. The mix of Thai spices went nicely with the green beans. Since I’m avoiding condiments, an avocado slice accompanied the bison into my facehole, and I cut up a carrot for good measure and pretty colors in my guts. Both my facehole and guts were very happy with this meal.

Grass fed bison patty and almond-coconut green beans

Grass fed bison patty and almond-coconut green beans


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