Testing Day 5

Shoulder Press – build to a 1RM – 95 

4 rounds for time – 7:32

10 Push-Ups with Hand Release

10 Wall Ball Shots, 14 lbs 

10 Box jumps – step down, 20″


Day 16 & 17: Pot O Sauce

I’ve had mostly leftovers since Sunday, but I cooked up a big pot o spaghetti sauce today. I make what is pretty much my family’s recipe and dump it over some roast spaghetti squash. I don’t feel like talking about what I ate for the last two days, so here’s a recipe for spaghetti sauce instead (more or less. . .remember, I don’t really believe in measurements):

1lb ground meat (I used turkey this time, but bison is probably my favorite)
1/2 – 1 onion, chopped
2-3 garlic cloves, minced
1-2 packages of mushrooms (I used organic baby bellas)

2-3 tbsp tomato paste
1 15oz can tomato sauce
1 28oz can fire roasted tomatoes
1-2 tsp Italian seasoning
1 tsp oregano
1 tsp rosemary
1-2 tsp basil (fresh is best)
1-2 tsp red pepper flakes
salt and pepper to taste

Brown the meat with the onion and garlic and some salt and pepper. Just as you finish, mix in the tomato paste. Sautee the mushrooms in some coconut oil or ghee, then toss everything in a crock pot and cook on low all day. If you use fresh basil, wait until before you use the sauce to stir it in. Roast up a spaghetti squash. 350 degrees or so – just poke holes in it and put the whole dang thing in the oven. When a fork goes into the squash very easily, it’s done. When the squash starts to cool off, cut it in half and scoop out the seeds. Then scoop out the cooked “spaghetti” and plop on your sauce. DELISH.

Day 15: Paleo Champ

I went to sign a lease on a sweet new house this afternoon, so I had a goal of fixing all three meals for the day before 2pm. . .and hey nonny nonny, I did! After a nap, I spent the rest of the afternoon cleaning my apartment.

I got up at about 9 and started in on some meat muffins and paleo tomato bisque. I used ground pork, garam masala, and curry powder in the meat muffins, for a sort of Indian variation. This is the second time I’ve made these meat muffins. They are honestly kind of a pain because I tend to make a mess with them, but they are great to pack for breakfast, and I stuck a few in the freezer for later. I’m trying to stock up on freezer food since I’ll be moving soon and certainly won’t feel like cooking every night.

Enough Spinach for Popeye

Meat Muffins Have Enough Spinach for Popeye

I ran down to the co-op as the meat muffins finished so I could get my groceries for the week, then immediately put a chicken in the oven. As usual, I followed this recipe, but I have found that I prefer an orange inside the chicken instead of a lemon. Then I just throw in whatever veggies I have around; today it was red onion, green onion, and carrots.  I order this “poultry mix” of herbs from Green Bean that I really like. I think it’s just rosemary, sage, and thyme. I also roasted some buttercup squash and Brussels sprouts. I let the chicken rest while I ran out to sign my lease. I think resting the chicken until it starts to cool leaves it nice and juicy.

I made dinner before my chicken and roast veggies were even done for lunch. Spicy beef has become a new staple in my paleo repertoire because it’s spicy AND easy. Plus: sunshine sauce! Sometimes I use lettuce cups and make a mess of myself, and sometimes I just give up and make a salad, then dump the meat and sunshine sauce on top. Either way is good. Today we ate it in cups with some red bell pepper, and I swept up all the meat I dropped later when I cleaned.

Eight hours of sleep, plus a nap and my fish oil, plus a lot of food stocked up in my fridge and freezer AND a clean apartment leaves me with my full points and feeling mighty accomplished for the weekend.

Days 13 & 14: Mental Health Day

After a full day of working out, working, and volunteering, on Friday (Day 13) I felt like sleeping in this morning. So I did.  Then I roasted beets, started some chicken broth, and headed to brunch. The beets went in some borscht this evening. I’ve now got some nice broth and several containers of emergency borscht chillin’ in the freezer. Tomorrow I have big plans to cook three large meals and get a head start on the week. Food in the freezer means I won’t have to take another mental health day for a while.

Day 12: I Forgot My Bra, But I Got Pancakes

Sometimes, no matter how much planning and prep go into your day, it just doesn’t turn out as planned. I forgot my sports bra today and couldn’t get to my Olympic lifting workout. Since I had planned on viewing a duplex this evening I didn’t really have time to do a replacement workout. So I made pancakes. YES!

I had some leftover seaweed salad with raw tuna, so I ate that with carrots and almond butter and some coffee.

I had leftover dinner for lunch. Bison burger with bacon, shiitakes, roast broccolini, and fried plantains.

Remember that crock pot full of ribs I prepped last night? They were all hot and ready to go when I got home, along with some parsnips I had yetiman roast up this afternoon. Since I didn’t make it to my Oly class, I had enough extra time to make pancakes. Savory, delicious, coconut pancakes! Just what I had been looking for to sop up rib drippins.

Jesus Is A Pancake. Let Him Sop You Up.

Jesus Is A Pancake. Let Him Sop You Up.

I got in my eight hours of sleep and fish oil, so daily points for that. One more workout and I get all of those points for this week, too.

The end of the week is coming. My apartment is a total disaster; I’ve got a lot of cleaning up to do around here this weekend. Sometimes things just don’t happen as planned. But sometimes you get savory pancakes.

Day 11: Your Mom Does Turkish Getups

All of this running around on top of a paleo challenge kinda has me tuckered out. Maybe that’s why I’ve got a cold. I’ve been awfully wheezy today, and that doesn’t help. Although I’m cooking this weekend, I plan on not leaving my apartment, taking naps, and sleeping in on Sunday in order to give myself a break.

Today started with a 6AM workout and ended cooking, cleaning, and prepping my food for tomorrow. It will be worth it when I get back from Olympic lifting tomorrow and there is a crock pot chock full of delicious ribs to mow down on. But that’s tomorrow. Here’s what happened today.

I grabbed a Larabar real quick on my way to CFFW this morning. Once I got to my desk, I had sammies with turkey, home made pickled asparagus and home made mayo with some curtido from Fermenti. I spiked my coffee and later a cup of coconut tea with some coconut milk. Everything tastes sweeter when you’re trying to avoid added sugar, and canned coconut milk is like a little treat in my hot morning beverages, which I needed this morning because of the whole cold thing.

I ran to Fresh Market and got some seaweed salad with raw tuna and decided I also needed a snacky. Some tiny zucchini caught my eye, and I thought they might be good raw with some salsa. I was right! I also got some unfortunately delicious and addictive freeze dried strawberries and bananas. Crunchy love in my face.

I needed a nap by the time I got home, so I laid down for 30 minutes before I started dinner. I made bison burgers with bacon, home made mayo, and hot sauce, roast broccolini (kind of like really long broccoli) with balsamic, shiitakes sauteed with garlic in ghee, and some glorious ripe plaintains fried in ghee. Holy schnikies was it good.

Dinner is Served

Dinner is Served

Today’s WOD looked like this:
3 sets:
Superman hold for 30-45 sec.
Rest 60 sec.
Turkish Get-Ups, 3 reps/arm
Rest 60 sec.
25lb kb

EMOM for 15 min:
10 KBS
5 Burpees (jump laterally over your KB)
25lb kb, completed 13 rounds

EMOM, for the uninitiated, means every minute on the minute. Always a good time. Just like your mom. I’m always stoked to have a kettlebell in my hand, so I was happy to work hard this morning with some getups and swings. I also got my eight hours of sleep and my fish oil, so I’m set to earn my challenge points for the day.

Day 10: I Got the Blahs

I felt kind of off all day today. Cold, tired, general blah-ness. I felt okay during my Olympic lifting class, but I ended up whacking myself in the neck meat and the back of the skull with the bar, so now I’ve got a headache on top of blah. Let’s get this over with so I can make sleepies.

Sammies with turkey, home make pickled asparagus, and home made mayo wrapped in collard greens, plus some curtido, an orange, and coffee with coconut milk.

Leftover butter chicken with cauliflower rice and a kombucha.

Not only was I blah, but also hungry. Carrots and almond butter in my belly.

I was starting to get a headache after class, so I didn’t want to fuss with dinner. Yetiman and I headed to Chipotle and I got a salad with carnitas, mild and hot salsa, guacamole, and lime juice. At this point, my guts also started to feel blah.

Eight hours of sleep last night and I got my fish oil, plus the following workout tonight:
Power clean + push press
-75% x2(2+1)x3 – 55lbs
-80% x2(2+1)x2 65lbs
Snatch push press + snatch balance
-70% x3+1×3 55lbs
-80% x3+1×2 65lbs
Clean pull
-95% 3×5 95lbs

Got all my points and now I’m headed to sleep to earn some more.